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        Plug wire power specifications

        Date of issue:2020-08-04 08:47 Click:

        Plug wire power supply
        Ningbo Fuyu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. plug wire power supply model: 1015-18 ? core material: tinned copper wire number of cores: 47 sheath material: PVC wire maximum outer diameter: 2.8 (mm) nominal section: 1.0 (mm2) product certification: UL / VDE / CSL / CCC Dongguan Yuanmei electronic

        appliances supply various types of electronic wires, electronic wire processing, (peeling, terminals) Price concessions, small profits, we will do the most perfect for you, all kinds of electronic wires, electrical appliances, terminal machines, stripping machine quality assurance, our factory specializes in the

        production of various specifications of high temperature / low temperature electronic wires / ordinary fancy wires and wire processing.
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