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        Safe use of American power cord

        Date of issue:2020-08-04 08:47 Click:

        The quality problems of small plugs, sockets and converters will cause serious harm to the personal and property safety of consumers. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to the safety of the products when purchasing plugs, sockets, converters and switches, and the main performance indicators affecting the safety are as follows:
        Sign is an important basis to instruct people to install, use and maintain correctly. It is also an extremely important content of safety standard to ensure personal and property safety. Plug and socket products shall be marked with rated current, rated voltage, power supply nature, etc. In addition, the converter (refers to the mobile electrical accessories with only one plug part and one or more socket parts) products shall be marked with "max (or maximum)" symbol to indicate the rated current / or power, so as to guide users to avoid overload. Signs or symbols shall be durable and legible. Silk screen and paper stickers that can be easily erased should not be used.
        Rated value is the most basic electrical interchange parameters to ensure the normal, safe and coordinated use of plug, socket, converter and connected electrical appliances. For example: the rated current of the converter shall not be greater than the rated value of the plug part. Otherwise, it may cause danger when the user selects and matches electrical appliances according to the rated current of the socket, and the over-current heating of the plug may occur; the minimum rating of the converter with fuse and overload protector shall be equal to the rated value marked on the fuse and overload protector. Otherwise, product damage may occur.
        Size is an important technical requirement which is related to whether the plug, socket and converter can be used safely and meet the general interchangeability requirements to avoid misinsertion. The unqualified size will affect the user's use, or cause the hidden dangers such as poor contact and wrong insertion, which may cause damage to the equipment at least, or cause fire and electric shock accidents.
        electric-shock safeguard
        The protection against electric shock is a key safety index to ensure that the plug, socket and converter will not cause electric shock accidents to users and others under normal use or even some accidents. When the plug and socket are fully or partially connected, the live part of the plug shall be inaccessible; any pin of the plug shall not be connected with the live socket of the socket when other pins are accessible. Plug, socket and converter with protective door shall be able to prevent single pole or probe insertion.
        The socket assembly should be flexible enough to ensure sufficient contact pressure on the plug pin. The plug sleeve shall be corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant to ensure good contact between the plug and socket; the plug pin of the plug shall be locked and can not rotate, otherwise the insertion performance and unsafe factors will be affected; the converter has a flexible wire fixing device to ensure that the flexible wire is fixed and can withstand the normal tension and torsion; when the plug and socket are inserted, the connection surface between the plug and socket should be basically tight to prevent Cause electric shock accident.
        power cord
        The power line should have enough cross-sectional area to ensure that the power line will not be heated and lead to insulation damage, resulting in short circuit, fire, leakage and accidents. For example: the common 250V, 10a converter power line sectional area should be greater than or equal to 0.75mm2.
        mechanical strength
        The plug and socket shall have sufficient mechanical strength to withstand various mechanical stresses caused by drop, impact and extrusion during installation and use; the socket with protective door shall be able to prevent single pole insertion.
        Heat and flame resistance
        High temperature has a great influence on various properties of insulating materials. Under high temperature conditions, the structure and characteristics of insulating materials will change essentially, which determines the reliability of materials. Some materials will gradually become soft at high temperature, and the mechanical strength will decrease, which will affect the quality and safety of plug socket. In addition, the insulation material of plug and socket should have certain flame retardant performance. Otherwise, the product will be out of control in case of fire. Understand the safety performance of plug and socket. When purchasing and using, you can ensure the safety of your family and property by grasping the following points:
        First choice: choose regular shopping malls, supermarkets or exclusive stores, and select brand products; select corresponding (matching) products according to the power of the electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, high-power shower and other products should choose 16A plug and socket, and other low-power household appliances should choose 10A plug socket.
        Second look: to see whether the product logo is complete and whether there is CCC certification mark.
        Third check: check the certificate and the inspection report issued by the legal department. If the converter product is not listed in the compulsory certification, you should check the inspection report issued by the legal inspection agency when purchasing.
        Four trial: simple plug-in test, plug into the socket should be in good contact, no loose feeling, and can be pulled out without too much force.
        5. Attention: do not buy the plug with rotatable pin or change the shape of the plug artificially; do not use two electrical appliances with higher power at the same time in one socket; stop using and replace the plug and socket or power line when the temperature is too high or there is ignition.
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