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        Brazilian power cord factory inspection standard for electri

        Date of issue:2020-08-04 08:48 Click:

        • Scope this standard specifies the ROHS requirements, technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules of yhb-1 type 2.5A, 10a, 250V ~ two pole non detachable power cord, yhb-2 type 10a, 12a 16a, 250V ~ two pole non detachable plug, yhb-3 type 10a, 12a, 16a, 250V ~ two pole non detachable plug (hereinafter referred to as plug) are specified in this standard. This standard is applicable to Brazilian plugs as the basis for factory inspection.
          2 normative references the clauses in the following documents become the clauses of this standard through the reference of this standard. For dated references, all subsequent amendments (excluding corrigenda) or revisions are not applicable to this standard. However, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents can be used. For undated references, the latest edition is applicable to this standard. GB 2099.1 plugs and socket outlets for household and similar purposes Part 1: General requirements GB / T 2828.1 sampling procedures for inspection by attributes Part 1: sampling plan for lot by lot inspection retrieved by acceptance quality limit (AQL)
          3 environmental protection requirements
          3.1 environmental protection requirements flexible cables, plugs, spare parts and packaging materials shall meet the requirements of environmental protection and the requirements of EU Directive 2002 / 95 / EC on the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, and meet the special requirements of customers.
          3.1.1 limits of six prohibited hazardous substances in RoHS:
          Cadmium (CD) and its compounds ≤ 100 mg / kg
          Lead (PB) and its compounds ≤ 1000 mg / kg
          Hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +) and its compounds ≤ 1000 mg / kg
          Mercury (Hg) and its compounds ≤ 1000 mg / kg
          Polybrominated biphenyl (PBBs) ≤ 1000 mg / kg
          Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) ≤ 1000 mg / kg
          The limits of lead and its compounds in copper alloy materials are less than 40 000 mg / kg
          3.1.2 test method: for PVC raw materials and parts required for product production, the quality control department shall verify the supplier's RoHS report, or submit it to the testing center for hazardous substances inspection, and issue the test report to the environmental quality assurance department, which will be used as the basis for judging whether the RoHS of the ex factory products is qualified. For packaging and other auxiliary materials, the quality control department shall verify the supplier's RoHS report and confirm its conformity.
          4 technical requirements and test methods

          4.1 basic parameters and dimensions the basic parameters and dimensions of the plug shall comply with the provisions in Fig. 1-fig. 3. Whether it is qualified or not, it should be measured by measuring tools that meet the measurement accuracy. The plug of the certificate must be connected with the flexible cable with certification mark and corresponding certification mark. The length of flexible cable shall be in accordance with the order requirements. Whether it is qualified shall be checked by observation and measurement.
          4.5 the pin and flexible cable of the power on test plug shall be connected, and the following faults shall not exist:
          1) Break of safety lead;
          2) Exchange of phase line, neutral line and safety lead;
          3) Short circuit between phase line, neutral line and safety lead
          If it is qualified, use the power cord plug comprehensive tester to measure whether the poles are open circuit, short circuit or interchangeability.
          4.6 the following fixed marks shall be provided on the marking plug:
          1) Model number;
          2) "Cloud ring" registered trademark;
          3) Rated current: a
          4) Rated voltage: V AC symbol ~.
          5) Certification mark;
          The sign shall be durable and legible. The power line shall be inspected by visual inspection. After 15 s of rubbing with water soaked cloth by hand, and then 15 s with gasoline soaked cloth, whether it is qualified can be inspected by visual inspection; the concave convex pressing mark can avoid durable Sassafras test.
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