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        Single wire requirements of copper wire in power line

        Date of issue:2020-08-04 08:48 Click:

        1.1 requirements: the diameter of copper single wire of power line shall meet the process requirements
        1.2 test method: use 0-25mm lever micrometer with scale of 0.01mm to detect the diameter of copper single wire. 2. Scratch resistance
        2.1 requirements: the printing should be clear and firm, and the handwriting should still be clear and recognizable after the abrasion resistance test.
        2.2 test method: wipe 10 times with a ball of water soaked absorbent cotton or a piece of cotton cloth, and then conduct visual inspection.
        3.3 insulation thickness and sheath thickness
        3.1 requirements: the thickness of insulation and sheath shall meet the requirements of process card.
        3.2 test method: cut the insulation and sheath into thin slices and put them into the projector for measurement.
        4 voltage test
        4.1 requirements:
        A. the power cord plug of SPT, SJT and SVT finished wires and cables shall be subjected to 1500 V and 50 Hz AC voltage test for 1 min without breakdown;
        B st type 18awg-15awg finished cable shall withstand 2000V 50Hz AC voltage test, 14awg-10awg finished cable shall withstand 3000v50hz AC voltage test for 1min without breakdown;
        C 227iec02 (RV) cable shall withstand 2500V and 50Hz AC voltage test for 5min without breakdown;
        D. the finished wires and cables of other models shall be subjected to 2000V 50Hz AC voltage test for 5min without breakdown;
        3.4.2 inspection method: the test shall be conducted according to Article 3 of GB 5023.2 polyvinyl chloride insulated cables with rated voltages up to and including 450 / 750V - Part 2: Test methods.
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