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        Ningbo Jinting Cable Co., Ltd

        Contact person: Liu Jilin (Sales Manager)




        Add:Industrial Zone of Simen Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang Province



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        • The outer diameter of wire should conform to the process car

          2.1.0 conductor structure and surface quality 2.1.1 requirements: the structure and number of conductors shall meet the process requirements, and the surface shall be smooth and free from warping, oxid...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:158

        • Single wire requirements of copper wire in power line

          1.1 requirements: the diameter of copper single wire of power line shall meet the process requirements 1.2 test method: use 0-25mm lever micrometer with scale of 0.01mm to detect the diameter of copper...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:128

        • Brazilian power cord factory inspection standard for electri

          Scope this standard specifies the ROHS requirements, technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules of yhb-1 type 2.5A, 10a, 250V ~ two pole non detachable power cord, yhb-2 type 10a, 12a 16...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:190

        • Safe use of American power cord

          The quality problems of small plugs, sockets and converters will cause serious harm to the personal and property safety of consumers. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to the safety of the...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:135

        • Plug wire power specifications

          Plug wire power supply Ningbo Fuyu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. plug wire power supply model: 1015-18 ? core material: tinned copper wire number of cores: 47 sheath material: PVC wire maximum outer d...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:54

        • Standard power cord standard

          Standard power cord 1. Quality standard: * samples provided by the supplier (in accordance with relevant quality certification standards) and drawings provided by the demander 2. Settlement method: gen...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:80

        • Type of wire plug

          Ningbo Fuyu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (Jintao Electronics) is a world-wide UL, cul, CSA, CEBEC, VDE, NF, BSI, IMQ, ove, KC, N, CE, GS, PSE, SAA, fi, demko, Semko, IRAM, SII, UC, Kema, CCC, etc. The ...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:157

        • Power cord plug

          Power cord plug Ningbo Fuyu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (Jinting cable) is a professional manufacturer of standard wires, plugs, automotive electrical connectors, power cords, plug wires, plug wires, ...
          Release time:2020-08-04   Browse:172

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