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        Ningbo Jinting Cable Co., Ltd

        Contact person: Liu Jilin (Sales Manager)




        Add:Industrial Zone of Simen Town, Yuyao, Zhejiang Province


        About Us

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        Ningbo Jinting Cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of power cord, plug, socket, plug power cord, power cord plug, Brazilian power cord, Japanese power cord, UL power cord, computer power cord, row plug, Japanese extension cord, plastic accessories, waterproof plug, Australian power cord, British plug, AC power cord, computer power cord, connector accessories, lamp power cord, rubber power supply Line and other products of professional production and processing companies, with a complete, scientific quality management system. Our company is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.
        The company's products have passed more than 20 different safety certification, such as UL / C (UL) r certification in the United States, UC certification in Brazil, KS certification in Korea, CE certification in Canada, BS certification in Britain, jet / PSE certification in Japan, SAA certification in Australia, VDE / GS certification in Germany, Kema certification in the Netherlands, demko certification in Denmark, Semko certification in Sweden, fi certification in Finland, and Belgium CEBEC certification and CCC certification in China, the products are mostly used for electrical appliances
        Pre sales service 1. Provide technical consultation: we will provide you with any professional technology and price consultation according to your needs within 10 hours, and mail relevant samples and product information, or give a quick reply to any questions you are concerned about, such as the application difference of processing technology in different materials, processing time, etc. 2、 Provide investigation reception: we welcome you to visit the company's site anytime and anywhere, and provide you with any convenient conditions.
        No matter you are a foreign customer or a domestic customer, whether you are our old customer or our new friend, no matter whether your contract amount is large or small, we will treat you with integrity, fairness, enthusiasm and rigor; 2 We guarantee punctuality, quality, quantity to strictly implement the terms of the contract, and provide customers with value-added services.
        After sales service we have established a global after-sales service information processing system to track customers 24 hours a day. 1、 From the date of purchase and delivery, we will enjoy the company's design scheme for life. 2、 From the date of purchase, you can attend various technical training courses free of charge at any time. 3、 Logistics: SF express, Zunlong express, Tiantian express, and national rail and rail transport. Destination: major cities or transit ports in China.

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